Time Machine Collection

The most historically accurate, vintage correct collection of Gibson and Fender style guitar parts available. Many Time Machine parts are made from molds of original late 50s-early 60s parts ensuring that details like number size and font are spot on to the originals. Whenever possible, the Time Machine parts are made from the exact same materials as the originals and in many cases, utilizing legacy manufacturing techniques that produce a more historically accurate product. If you want the most vintage accurate parts available for your Gibson or Fender guitar, choose the Time Machine collection.

Retrovibe Collection

Vintage cool on a budget! Retrovibe items are designed for the customer who wants aged parts for their guitar, but doesn’t necessarily need something 100% vintage accurate. Aftermarket parts which are convincingly aged by Montreux and made available at a more budget conscious price.

Parts in stock

Legacy Guitars is an authorized distributor for Montreux. The items shown below are currently in stock. Please visit Montreuxguitars.com to see the complete line of parts and accessories for Gibson and Fender guitars. Contact us with any special requests. Lead times for some products can be longer than anticipated because of current supply chain issues. Special order items are not returnable.

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Les Paul Parts

Gibson Parts


RetroVibe, set of 2


Time Machine aged Firebird V, III, VII pickguard. Silkscreened logo, no screw holes


Time Machine, aged


Time Machine, aged


Time Machine, aged. Set of 4


Time Machine, not aged. Set of 4

Fender Parts


RetroVibe, aged. Set of 3


RetroVibe, aged, with screws