As a young musician in the early 70s, I moved west seeking fame and fortune but somehow missed San Francisco and Los Angeles and ended up in San Jose. Shortly after arriving I started working part time for a production group that held concerts at a local theatre. I’d do odd jobs, work stage security and generally just hung out. The Doobie Brothers would rehearse there once in a while so I’d go down and watch from the balcony. One afternoon a guy walked in carrying a brown Gibson case. He mentioned he wanted to sell the guitar and would I like to see it? He opened that old case, and inside was a stunning 59 Les Paul burst. They were cool and sought after then, but only 14 years old—certainly not “vintage”. I was a young, poor musician and didn’t have the $300 he was asking. He mentioned that he would also trade for a Martin 12 string. I didn’t have that either and I never saw the guy again. Several months later the brother of my girlfriend at the time gave me a guitar he didn’t play any more. It was a Martin D12-20. The irony was cruel and painful, but I was hooked. For nearly 50 years I’ve been playing, collecting, and trading vintage guitars and amps. I eventually got busy enough to open a small shop, but now serve my customers exclusively online.

What I Offer

I primarily focus on vintage and custom shop, pro quality instruments. I am also the US distributor for Montreux guitar parts and accessories and will be offering other “boutique” pickups, accessories and vintage parts in the future.

I Buy Guitars

Please contact me if you are interested in selling a vintage (pre-1972), custom shop or reissue guitar, bass, amp or collection. You will receive a prompt, courteous reply.

Legacy Guitars Auctions

Please visit the auction link and discover a better way to buy and sell your instrument in an auction format.