Not too many of these come to market and don’t last long when they do. Nacho Banos literally wrote the book on black guard Telecasters and his black guard Telecaster reproductions are legendary. Other than the tuners, there are no off-the-shelf parts on Nacho’s guitars—he makes everything. Each guitar is hand built, finished and aged to perfection. They feel and sound incredible. Just ask Julian Lage, Redd Volkaert, Rick Holmstrom and others who play Nachos. Its as close to an early 50s Telecaster as you’re going to get without spending $50K. The guitar on offer here is #1992, built in 2021. It is lightly aged and weighs 7 lbs, 4 oz. Neck is .91 at the first fret, 1.64 wide, 1.09 at the 12 fret with a chunky D profile. Very comfortable, not a baseball bat. Complete with tweed case and all the Nacho accessories in a nice leather pouch. CoA is unopened.


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